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Sin… Oops

“For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God (Rom. 3:23).”  Let’s face it… we’ve done a lot more than simply “missed the mark!”  We’ve blown it big time.  In fact, we weren’t even aiming for “the mark.”  We had no interest in … Continue reading


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Should “God” Be Included in Party Platform?

What an awkward moment for Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa who takes a vote at the DNC on whether to ‘restore God and Jerusalem’ to the democratic party platform.  The people said,  “We don’t want no God and no Jerusalem (double negatives … Continue reading

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Honoring One Another

How would our world be different if each of us practiced honoring one another?  That is, if we each held the other in high esteem, what would our homes, churches, schools, offices, and government look like?  How would this practice … Continue reading

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Two-Year Blog Anniversary

Thank you to each of you that have helped me reach the two-year blogging mark  (I started Labor Day 2010).  Thank you for stopping by, for following/subscribing, liking, and commenting.  I have appreciated your encouragement and input.  God bless you … Continue reading

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