My Prayer for You in 2015


I pray that 2015 is a very blessed year for the people of God and that in spite of trouble on every side of us, we will walk in victory in every area of our lives.  I’m grateful for every follower and visitor to this site–for your reading, liking and/or commenting on my blogs.  I sincerely appreciate your support and the sacrifice of your time.  My prayer is that God would bless every follower and that He would show Himself real to any that may doubt.  I pray that those who don’t yet know Him or haven’t trusted in Him as Savior and Lord, that they would receive the gift of salvation and enter into a personal relationship with Him.  For those that know Christ, I pray that He would amaze you with His goodness all the more this year–that He would bless you indeed and do exceeding abundantly above all that you could ask or imagine.  I pray that He would heal you from every hurt place–body, mind, and soul.  I pray that you walk in good health and wholeness. I pray that God would supply all of your needs and give you the desires of your heart as you delight yourself in Him.  I pray that He would bless your finances, bless your God honoring marriages, bless your children, grandchildren and family members.

blessings-2 I speak life to every dead place that needs reviving and to every dead-end situation that needs new direction.  I pray that God would give you favor on your job, in your various relationships, and among influential people in high places.  I pray that He gives you joy unspeakable and that you are continually in awe of His goodness.  I pray that His grace and mercy surrounds you and that you have good success as you obey Him and walk in line with His will for your lives.  Be blessed, friends!  Let Him bless you!

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