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Let’s Do This

As we reflect upon 2015 and anticipate 2016, let us be grateful for at least making it through 2015 and into the new year.  In spite of everything that may have gone well or wrong, God was faithful to bring … Continue reading

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What do you do when a situation or an association deteriorates to a point where it is seemingly irreparable?  I believe in keeping ‘hope alive.’  However, if you’re dealing with an irrational mind, it’s not easy.  When further communication does nothing but aggravate … Continue reading

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No…It’s You! You’re the Problem

At the risk of telling too much, I’m compelled to share this.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve noticed, that men, on occasion, tend to have some very interesting aromas when it comes to their feet.  A long … Continue reading

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Forgive? Yes! Forget? Forget It!

So… are we really forgiving if we don’t forget?  Or will there always be some residue left over from the offense?  Should we be expected to wipe the slate completely clean without the footnotes, end notes, CliffsNotes, PostIt notes or other notes and parenthetical statements?  … Continue reading

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