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Be the Church!

Just a quick thought… Our world needs a lot of healing but it must begin with the church. We’re sinking to unprecedented “lows.” Healing must start with the called out, Holy Spirit filled, baptized believers.  “If my people, which are called … Continue reading

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Filing A False Report?

With all the crime connected to a big city, someone actually needs to falsely report an assault? Many times women have a difficult time coming forward to report this type of crime; but let me try to wrap my brain around this … Continue reading

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Mental Problems? We’d Be Crazy Not to Deal With It!

So… how are we going to approach the problem of mental illness in our society?  It occurs to me that we need to do a better job of diagnosing, analyzing monitoring, separating (for the purpose of treatment) and treating certain of … Continue reading

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Desensitizing Us

Please don’t desensitize me!  With news and scenes of constant violence, cruelty and other senseless and tragic crimes, one would have to wonder whether at some point we’d become desensitized to this type of news.  Bombarded nightly with yet another … Continue reading

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Tucson Tragedy

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families affected by the senseless tragedy in Tucson this weekend.  My sympathies to the families who suffered loss.  Praying that God will comfort your families as only He can.  To those … Continue reading

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What Now?

What do you do when everywhere you look there’s violence… and every time you look there’s more of the same?  No longer exclusively in the inner cities, but suburbs, affluent neighborhoods and quiet communities are experiencing their share of madness also.  No more … Continue reading

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Another One Bites the Dust…

Oh… just the usual for a Thursday.  Big rigs on fire, child abductions, accidents, more corruption unfolding in Bell, more questionable activities with Meg & Jerry, danger at Knotts, another Watts killing resulting in a tactical alert in the area.  … Continue reading

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