Happy New Year! We Made It to 2014


Happy New Year, friends! If you’re reading this blog, you’ve made it to 2014! How did you bring the new year in? I brought the new year in with prayer at church. We prayed, sang praises, heard testimonies, received an inspirational message from our Pastor and ended the night in prayer.

I pray that God will do amazing things for His people in 2014! As we align our lives with His purpose and plans for us, my desire is that He would simply astonish us with an overflow of His blessings–that He would do exceeding abundantly above all that we could ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us (Eph. 3:20). For us, I pray that we would worship God as never before with a pure and sincere heart, and give Him the glory that is due His name, that we would draw closer to Him and seek Him in our decisions–that we would consult Him first. I pray that the Body of Christ would unite and stand with authority against the works of darkness. I pray that we would be salt and light in a dark world and that we would recognize the power that we have as believers and begin to do greater works.

Additionally, if you do not know Jesus Christ, I pray that this will be your year to come into relationship with Him. I’m so grateful for my relationship with God through Jesus Christ! I’m thankful that He washed me and that I’ve been made free. And if the Son makes me free, I am free indeed (John 8:36). I pray that God’s choicest blessings will be yours this year. Ignore your fears and ignite your faith! Take care & be blessed!

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3 Responses to Happy New Year! We Made It to 2014

  1. Very nicely written! May your New Year be very spiritually prosperous and abundantly blessed! I made to the New Year also and have a new blog at http://wherewordsdailycomealive.wordpress.com. God bless you my sister!

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