The Sand of Time

I’ve been good… and you?  Attending to some family matters, long work hours, and church obligations…  I look forward to catching up on some really good blogs that I’ve missed.

The sand of time moves on nonetheless.  This thought was inspired by blog or something that I read about at  The title stuck and inspired the thought below.  Please take a look at a very recent inspirational message, “If I Could See My Sand.”

Part 1…

Part 2…

Blessings!  Take care.  Thanks for visiting, following, subscribing.

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2 Responses to The Sand of Time

  1. You are truely someone who have got tremendous potential in writing things. Nice to read your blogs. I have just stared to follow you, but reading your blogs unceasingly. Nice one. Great to see that. Keep writing, buddy.

  2. Thank you for your encouragement and your visit. Glad you enjoyed some of the blogs on this site… Please check back often. Be blessed!

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