Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy Birthday to the absolutely, hands-down best mom in the world.  I have been patient with each of you while you’ve expressed the same sentiments regarding your own mothers… (waiting for my turn) but I have to stick my chest out now and say that this one really is!  So I’m asking that you all quit playing games and acknowledge with me the birth of one of God’s choicest blessings!

Not only is she an awesome mother, but you couldn’t find a better friend.  Always there when you need her.  Need some good advice from the voice of experience?  Well, you need look no further.    Need a tailor-made outfit, uniforms, a handkerchief, lap scarves, jewelry, a home-cooked meal, tea-cakes, and so much more?  Well, see… you’re still at the right place.  Because of her many gifts, we just call her our “one-stop shop.”  And I must tell you that it was fun for me as a child to be dressed just like my sister… with my brother in a matching shirt! HA!  Those were the days.  My grandmother taught me to sew at the age of 9… because I thought it was so neat that my mom made everything.  Of course, because of this, I began to make everything that I wore while in school.  Didn’t have to worry about anyone duplicating me.  …thanks to my mom for passing on this trade to me and my sister.

God has truly blessed us and we’re grateful.  A woman of God, a woman of excellence… yes, she wants it done right.  A woman of faith… and faithful to her church and the work of the Lord.  She’s simply the best… I have to tell you… It’s kind of hard to keep up with her though.  She gets around much quicker than the rest of us…  always moving and on the go.  I guess that’s how she stays so young.  Thank you, Lord, for my mom! …And for all wonderful things that You have done.  I love you, mother! … Oh, did I mention she’ll keep you laughing as well… very funny.  Blessings.

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16 Responses to Happy Birthday, Mom!

  1. And a gorgeous looking mom!

  2. YOUR CUZ ! says:


  3. Tracy Brown says:

    Such beautiful words for a “Special” mom, indeed……..

  4. janice says:

    Thank you daughter ,that”s so special. Love you.

  5. You’re welcome. That’s because you’re special! I love you back! =))

  6. I noticed you didn’t put her age in your post! You still afraid of getting a whippin? 🙂

  7. HA! Well… maybe. I actually didn’t post it because I hadn’t gotten permission… or maybe because that would be telling my own age… I actually ‘liked’ her whippin’s… they were very soft. My dad… now that’s another story. 🙂

  8. Aww this is so special! Absolutely beautiful! 🙂

  9. Awwww… Thank you, Maryanne. I appreciate the encouragement and your celebrating with me! Blessings!

  10. Addie says:

    Very touching and she is very pretty. Her smile is priceless, too. Happy belated birthday to her.

  11. Jim Zee says:

    What a fine tribute. You are well blessed.

    Kind regards,


  12. Thank you, Jim. I really only scratched the surface of all she really is. And yes, I’m counting my blessings!

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