The Devil’s Got A Blessing for You!

Wow!  I didn’t realize that the devil also has beatitudes… not to be outdone, I suppose.  I suspect that some are actually trying to use these as a guide.

Devil’s Beatitudes:

Blessed are those who are too tired, busy or disorganized to meet with fellow Christians on Sundays each week.
Their hearts are not in it.

Blessed are those who enjoy noticing the mannerisms of clergy and choir.
Their hearts are not in it.

Blessed are those Christians who wait to be asked and expect to be thanked.
I can use them.

Blessed are the touchy.
With a bit of luck they may even stop going to church.
They are my missionaries.

Blessed are those who claim to love God at the same time as hating other people.
They are mine forever.

Blessed are the trouble makers.
They shall be called my children.

Blessed are those who have no time to pray.
They are easy prey for me.

Blessed are you when you read this and think it is about other people and not about yourself.
I’ve got you.   -Author unknown

Careful who you allow to bless you.  The devil has blessings too… at least they appear to be at the time.  Later we find that it was a counterfeit blessing!  But then again, so is he.  He is a liar and the father of lies.  There is no good in him.  Don’t be bamboozled!  He’s surely got a blessing for you–but if you’re smart, you won’t want it.  Thanks for visiting.

Take care & be blessed.  Please also visit…

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