I May Be Deaf But I’m Not Blind

“Ye are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read of all men: (II Cor. 3:2).”  We are the only Word/Bible that some people will ever read.  Not interested in long sermons, revivals, all-day church, musicals or special services, their only interest is in seeing how we live ‘the life.’  They read us to understand what Christianity is all about.  Unfortunately, we don’t always make for good reading.  Lord, help!  

They can’t hear us for seeing us.  I heard someone say recently that they wanted their family to know God and couldn’t understand why they hadn’t come to Christ.  Everyone else within the sound of their voice had some sort of inkling as to what the problem may be…at least in part.  When we don’t actually live the Gospel we preach, it severely weakens our witness.  When most of what is known of us is contrary to Godly living, again… it weakens our witness.  

“I may be partially deaf; that is, I can’t actually hear what you’re saying.  I see you ‘signing’ also.  However, I’m also not interested in your ‘signs’–mainly because I’m so busy reading you.  I’m busy reading the ‘other signs.'”

God, help us to be the church you’ve called us to be.  Help us to be examples of holiness throughout our days and not just for a couple of hours on Sunday.  Help us to be salt and light that our lives may draw others to You, instead of causing them to run far way.  Help us to hear You and see ourselves and the effect we have upon the lost.  And help us to understand that they may be deaf (not hearing or not listening) but they’re not blind (they see everything we do).  Help us to get it together.  Thanks for visiting.  Take care & be blessed…  Please also visit… www.xtreme-fire.com







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2 Responses to I May Be Deaf But I’m Not Blind

  1. manoahswife says:

    God help us to walk the talk. . .

  2. Amen! I can’t cuss you out on the one hand and then turn around and give you the Gospel on the other… no bueno!

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