Revival services this week at our local church are underway.  I was blessed to be the Evangelist/Revivalist for tonight’s (Wednesday) service.  I understand that no amount of announcing “revival” in and of itself will cause there to actually be one.  But truly we need God to refresh and renew us, to breathe life back into us.  Personal revival, however,  is a personal choice.  We must make the decision, we must come to the conclusion that we need more of God.  We can go to the next level in Him–if we choose to go.  It’s up to us to linger in His presence–blessing Him while He blesses us.  Unfortunately, most of us won’t make the time to linger… we prefer to just do a drive-by.  For those not familiar with a ‘drive-by,’ I suppose it would be similar to a drive-thru.  We’d simply say something like, ‘Hi God, I love you.  You’re awesome.  Wish I could talk longer.   Very busy, ya know.  See ya later.”

I pray that the young folk were encouraged to walk with God.  “Fan into Flame (the gift of God that is in you)” suggests that it is our obligation, that we must take the initiative to stir up the gift of God.  We must keep our fire kindled.  The enemy would love to extinguish it, which is why we must remain sober, vigilant–because our adversary the devil walks about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.  We can’t afford to be engaged in foolishness or asleep.  It is in these instances that he easily snuffs out our fire or sneaks in and sows tares among the wheat.  We must cherish and nurture the gift of God.  We must protect the anointing that God has placed in us by living a holy and separated life.  Revival!  Revival!  … On a personal level, it’s still up to you.  Thanks for visiting…

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