Fake Followers

How much energy does it take to fake following Christ?  Seems like an awful waste of time and energy to me.   “… and be sure your sin will find you out (Num 32:23).”  My dad always said, “Heaven is a prepared place for a prepared people.”  We can’t spend our lives dancing with the devil, or sleeping with the enemy, and expect to make it in.  Further, it simply makes no sense to hang around the (church lot) premises and never step over into the promises–thinking this (the premises alone) will have some eternal benefit.  I’ll say as one Elder in our church often says (with emphasis), “Don’t go to hell out of the church!”  Seriously… why hang around for 20-40 years, never allowing God to transform us into His image?  If we have no interest in truly following Christ, why fake the change?  Seems so stressful… changing behaviors, characteristics and personalities so frequently depending upon whose company we’re in at the time.  “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light (KJV). ”  I like the NIV on this one:  “And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light – II Cor. 11:14 (NIV).”  The Greek word for this word “transformed” is metaschematizo, which is to change the outward appearance without actually changing the thing (characteristics) itself.  And many ‘churchgoers’ are yet masquerading–hanging around the peripheral areas but never allowing the transformation to ‘take’ or ‘stick’–getting a touch, a modification or alteration, but not a true conversion.  Who are we hurting?  Ourselves, those who hold us as examples of Christianity, our co-workers, neighbors, friends.  We may well be the reason some of these have not come to Christ.  The true Christian does not seek to see how close to the world he can get without crossing over.  How many liberties can I have?  How much sin is too much sin?  What all can I do (and many are doing it all)?    In contrast, he seeks to understand how close He can get to God, how he might worship Him more deeply, intensely and intimately.  No good thing comes out of our being a hypocrite in the church.  Some have said, “Don’t go to hell out of the church.  Just get out there and bust hell wide open.  Go in a hand basket.  But don’t go by way of the church.”

“Follow peace with all [men], and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord: (Heb. 12:14)”

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