Can Anyone Say “Manners?”

Is manners a thing of the past or did I miss something?  I’m just sayin’.  Nothing happened recently but I was just sitting and thinking (not that I shouldn’t be packing right now instead of sitting and thinking) about how rude people have actually become.  Clearly, someone missed the “Manners Made Easy 101” class.  Certainly, there must be an “Idiot’s Guide to Manners” or “Manners for Dummies” somewhere.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened a door to go in or out of a facility only to have someone come through (in or out) with their nose in the air as I hold the door for them–with their ‘you’re supposed to do this for me’ attitude.  It’s amazing.  That sort of behavior really makes you want to just ‘let it go’ (the door, that is).  I certainly don’t mind holding the door for the next person (it’s what I was taught to do) but no “thank you” or anything?  I’m speechless.  What happened to “please” and “thank you?”  Somebody fill me in because clearly I’ve been taking unnecessary steps to be courteous when it’s no longer fashionable to do so.  Am I the only one out of step with the new trends?  The New Rudeness Trending now…  What are we teaching our little ones?  I taught mine… but somebody’s not pulling their weight.  Somebody didn’t teach theirs–shame on you.  After all, who wants to be bothered with someone that doesn’t have the social grace of a radish (not that I don’t like radishes)?  And why is the English language so odd, by the way?  Although that’s a different subject.  But I shouldn’t have to second-guess myself on the word ‘radish.’  Either the short vowel sound should call for a double consonant or it shouldn’t (not sometimes)… but that’s a different subject.  But can’t we simply be mindful of the next person’s feelings.  We’re really rude while driving; we’re rude in jockeying for position in long lines; we’re even rude while parking.  Recently, I was waiting for the left-turn arrow.  When it turned green, I shifted into first gear.  But I was already hearing the car behind me honking. It was my first day in our new office location.  I couldn’t believe it.  As it turned out, the driver was someone in the office.  Hilarious.  What if I had gone “off?”  We pulled into the same parking lot and I simply smiled and said, ‘good morning.’  She now speaks and makes small talk everyday.  Everyone else says she’s really mean.  But seriously, we’re just becoming awfully rude.  Tone it down and step it up.  And let’s adopt some of that Southern hospitality (hope that’s still around) because I’m certainly not running into much of it here.  I’m just sayin’.

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One Response to Can Anyone Say “Manners?”

  1. manoahswife says:

    Really agree with you here. We have become so selfish and so self-absorbed that we don’t think of others first anymore. That is generally what happens in a culture where you actively try to remove the Name and influence of God from everything. As for the Southern hospitality. . .it still exists here in Texas, albeit a bit worse for wear.

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