Able or Not Able? That Is the Question

God knows I thank Him for a each and every gift that He has placed in me personally.  Yet while I recognize and thank Him, I understand that He has distributed gifts and talents to each of us as He wills (I Cor. 12:11).  Our strengths and weaknesses vary.  Thank God!  And so while we rejoice in what He has blessed us with, we must be mindful that our area of strength may not be the next one’s strength.  We may find that some of those around us seem to be severely lacking in areas where we are strong.  They may seem to be irresponsible and never really able to come through as planned; but we must simply deal with them according to knowledge.  That is, we must understand who and what we’re dealing with and make the necessary adjustments in our expectations.  Many, after all, really don’t have the capacity to respond in the way that we need.  Responsible simply means able to respond.  Just because we affirm that we’re able doesn’t actually make it so.  Instead of becoming upset, frustrated or angry, I believe we simply, and of necessity, need to understand and conclude that the person simply is unable to respond and then proceed to make other arrangements to succeed in whatever task we undertake–lest we become impatient and frustrated.  How many times has a complete segment of a project gone lacking, incomplete, or past due because we gave someone the benefit of the doubt and relied on their confirmed intentions to follow through?  Many times they have the desire to complete the project but because they lack organizational skills, the discipline to stick with a task until it is completed, or other necessary skill sets, the plan fails.  It’s good to recognize the gifts that God has placed in us; it’s equally good to also recognize the gifts He’s placed (and not placed) in others and show grace.  Is he or she actually “able” to respond?  That is the question.

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