A Single Stitch

One of my favorite poems that I recited in church back in the day… many moons ago (by Susan Coolidge). 

One stitch droped as the weaver drove / His nimble shuttle to and fro / In and out, beneath, above / Till a pattern seemed to bud and grow / As if the fairies had helping been / One small stitch that could scarce be seen / But the one stitch dropped pulled the next one out / And a weak place grew in the fabric stout / And the perfect pattern was marred for aye / By the one small stitch that was dropped that day

One small life in God’s great plan / How futile it seems as the ages roll / Do what it may or strive how it can / To alter the sweep of the infinite whole / A single stitch in an endless web / A drop in the ocean’s flow and ebb / But the pattern is rent where the stitch is lost / Or marred where the tangled threads have crossed / And each life that fails of its true intent / Mars the perfect pattern that its Master meant.     -Susan Coolidge

Let’s not miss a (another) beat or drop a (another) stitch.  Let nothing mess up your ‘pattern.’  Instead, let’s be guided by the Holy Spirit and do the work that God has called us to do and fulfill His purpose and plans for our lives.

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