The Right Thing… Just Because

It is incumbent upon each of us to do the right thing–just because it’s right to do.  That means whether someone is looking, standing over us, or demanding or not, there’s something on the inside compelling us to do right.  After all, if we only behave as we should when others are looking, it doesn’t say much for us.  If we want to be people of integrity, that others can trust in and feel comfortable around, then we must begin to operate honestly on all levels with others and ourselves.  This doesn’t mean that we’re brutally honest with our word choice but simply that our hearts and motives are right.  The right thing may be to simply be quiet and not speak; but whatever it is, we must be ready to do it.  We must seek peaceful solutions to our numerous problems.  After all, we don’t really want to be ‘dead right.’  Make 2011 a year of caring more deeply and for seeking solutions and opportunities to do the right thing.

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