Filing A False Report?

With all the crime connected to a big city, someone actually needs to falsely report an assault? Many times women have a difficult time coming forward to report this type of crime; but let me try to wrap my brain around this one.  Someone actually simply went into a police station and filed a false report?  What’s the purpose of this one now?  And why is it that every day we’re getting ‘wackier’ still?  As if there weren’t already enough paranoia floating around, from real crimes, now we’re actually subjected to more from those filing false reports?  Friends offer the excuse that they’ve been under a lot of stress lately.  Huh?   For real?  Isn’t everyone under a lot of stress these days?  I don’t really know anyone that isn’t.  Yet, this is a unique way of dealing with it.  I’ll just report a crime that didn’t happen–just say someone assaulted me.  I’m sorry… I guess I am having a bit of a  problem with this one.  What happened to good old nail-biting?  Suck your thumb, if you need to, to calm yourself.  But don’t say that you were assaulted–if you weren’t.  All the O.C. folk getting a taste of what L.A. residents have to go through periodically.  Unfair!  I’m actually sympathizing here.  But seriously, let’s find another method for dealing with our stress.  Maybe a daily talk with God, prayer, rest, and exercise would be a good start.  But no false report, please.  I’m just too through on this one.  I just don’t see any logical explanation–maybe it’s forthcoming.

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