God, Stretch Forth Your Right Hand!

Nothing can compare to the favor of God.  It will take you places overnight, places where you couldn’t go on your own in a million years–or at least 20.  God’s favor will place you in front of dignitaries that were unaware of your existence.  His favor upon your life anoints you and makes your way easy.  By this I mean that tasks that would be difficult for you, as you acknowledge Him, he makes them effortless.  He gets your brain in gear so that thinking is not strenuous for you, exercising wisdom is not a struggle. Nowhere in Genesis does it say that Joseph was stressed out as Governor of Egypt.  He was a man of wisdom, as God was with him; and God’s favor rested upon him.  He interpreted dreams effortlessly and ruled Egypt through its years of plenty and of famine because of the wisdom of God.  He was, no doubt, favored by God.  Jacob also favored him, more so than any of his brothers, causing him to receive the special coat of many colors.  Benjamin was, in turn, favored by Joseph (his brother) and Jacob (his father).  Spiritually speaking, “five” is the number of grace–the unmerited favor of God.  Joseph gave Benjamin five times the food and clothing changes as his brothers (plus 300 pieces of silver) because he favored Benjamin.  So… mathematically speaking, where 5 = favor, Benjamin received 5X (favor) plus!  That’s a ridiculous blessing!  The kind I need!  I need the right-hand blessing that Ephraim received.  God, stretch forth your righteous right hand.  Guide your hands wittingly!  And place your right hand upon my head and bless me!  I believe that God is faithful to do just that–and do it well.  “For the LORD God [is] a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good [thing] will he withhold from them that walk uprightly (Ps. 84:11).”

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