What’s Really Goin’ On?

Year 2011 is really jumpin’ off–“off” being the operative word!  Is there something in the water, people; or what’s really going on?  School shooting yesterday, along with an array of other crimes; an officer shot today.  There have been several officer involved shootings this month, not that I’m counting… and January isn’t even over.  What’s the root cause of all of this madness?  A full moon, wrong mix of medications, super drugs?  This goes well beyond latch-key kids kicking over a few newspaper stands to get coins.  There’s something brewing that I didn’t put in the pot.  A city out of control, a people with no respect for themselves or others, a nation that has forgotten God.  Rodney King said, ‘can’t we all just get along.’  Can we all just take a deep breath and calm down.  It’s obvious that we’re a bit on edge… So far, in January, it’s been “on & poppin.'”  Helicopters overhead, 7-miles of our neighborhoods blocked off, schools on lock down.  What’s really going on?  If each of us would simply make the choice not to participate in the madness, much of it would be wiped out.  No road rage, no street fights, no school violence… just say ‘no.’  Don’t be pulled in to the foolishness of others… and don’t ‘bring the crazy’ with you either.  Analyze before you act and ask, ‘what’s really going on?’

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