Keep the Dream Alive!

No doubt Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. made significant advancements to unify African-Americans and promote equality among nationalities.  His dream was inspiring then, as well as now, and is a marker for our achievements.  King said that we’ve been given a bad check.  Sadly, I’m not sure that much has changed in that regard.  We have made strides at times in the right direction; and it may be a little more difficult to ignore achievements of African-Americans, at least at the very top level–having a somewhat black President.  Yet, we’re not as unified as some other nationalities.  We’re still killing each other–physically, with our words, with our attitudes, with disrespect, and the list goes on.  So… maybe we should say ‘let’s make the dream come alive’ because I don’t believe much of what’s going on was a part of the dream.  I mean… are we really just a bunch of idiots killing and degrading each other constantly?  Can we actually get through a King’s Day Parade with no violence?  I pray so.  I would love to be able to enjoy such a celebration with everyone being civil toward each other; so far, however, the possibility is a bit far fetched.  Might I suggest that we begin to love ourselves individually and then collectively as a people group.  Let’s embrace the differences between us and celebrate our similarities as well.  Let’s create opportunities for each other as others do and praise one another’s successes.  Personally, I love being black.  Yes, I still endure prejudices and biases, even in this age.  However, I would not choose to be anyone else.  We are beautiful people of all colors–each with a beauty of his own.  We are intelligent people, having invented much of what we see and utilize today.  We are spiritual people, having no other choice but to rely on God.  Certainly, no other help I know.  Have we reached the Promised Land?  I don’t believe we have.  Yes, we have people in government, entertainment, sports, education, medicine, business and many other arenas; yet, I don’t believe the masses have reached it.  I praise nonprofits for what they are accomplishing but the truth is that there are still fewer opportunities all across the board for African-Americans.  And so, we must create opportunities ourselves.  We must educate ourselves.  We can’t sit around waiting for the promised “40 acres and a mule.”  It’s not “gonna” happen.  And so while I embrace all nationalities and have many friends and best friends of other nationalities, I understand that we must have true unity if this dream will come, or be kept, alive.  And not only that, we must also have a dream!

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