Desensitizing Us

Please don’t desensitize me!  With news and scenes of constant violence, cruelty and other senseless and tragic crimes, one would have to wonder whether at some point we’d become desensitized to this type of news.  Bombarded nightly with yet another breaking news story of violence, injuries, deaths and the like, have we reached the point where we’d tend to not even look up at the television for the balance of the story?  If we glanced, we definitely wouldn’t stare.  Our mouths would no longer drop open.  After all, it’s just another news story about crime, which seems to be part and parcel to the times in which we live.  However, to desensitize us would put each of us at a disadvantage.  What then would happen if the crime occurred across the street or somewhere nearby?  What if we’re driving by when the crime is in progress?  What then?  Do we let the other guy handle it?  Will everyone simply let “the other guy” handle it?  Are we simply worn out with all the reporting day and night?  I don’t want to be paranoid; but on the other hand, I also don’t want to be desensitized  to the point of believing it’s insignificant and simply part of life in a metropolitan city.  I believe that feeling shock and distress at some level is normal in this instance.  Tucson tragedy yesterday, deputy shot this evening…. and the night is still relatively young.  And we wonder why everyone’s so insensitive.  We’ve been largely desensitized.  Much prayer!

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