Celebrate Jesus – Don’t Go Broke!

As we celebrate the holidays, be careful not to over spend.  Instead, celebrate the beauty of the season and the true meaning of the holiday.  Celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and enjoy the peace that comes from knowing Him personally.  After all, once we begin to shop, it’s hard to stop.  “I’ll only get a few gifts,” we say.  But then… we can’t buy for one without buying for the other and before you know it, the list is quite long and our cash is quite short.  I feel that if I celebrate birthdays, it’s easier because they don’t all come at the same time.  No doubt, we get a euphoric feeling while shopping and getting the best gift (on sale, of course) that our money can buy.  But when it’s all said and done and January rolls around, that feeling is long gone and another feeling sets in.  It’s hardly a high–but rather a measurable low.  It would actually be less expensive to buy something for yourself as a gift–not that I generally do.  But at least you will have gotten what you want.  It’s better than having 10 people buy you gifts and you buy 10 people gifts and no one really has anything they actually want or need.  Where do you think that gift is going?  Either in the closet or to someone else who’d be none the wiser (we hope).  If we’re going to buy something, get it for someone who has nothing–a child from a single-parent home or others less fortunate.  Or give your best gift to a church (make sure your seed is sown in good ground) or favorite charity.  But don’t let the Christmas music and lights swindle you out of your hard-earned cash.  If we could all just practice being sweet, it would be a great Christmas for everyone!  So… save your money–it adds up!  Say “Merry Christmas”–it costs nothing!  And celebrate Jesus–that’s genius!

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