I almost missed this post tonight because I was simply too busy laughing with a good friend.  We discussed old times when we laughed everyday.  I told her that I missed her and that she’s good for my health.  Really… it’s because we always laughed no matter who brought “the crazy” to the office that day, we simply laughed.  Laughter really is good medicine and I suggest you laugh your way into having a good attitude, good health, etc.  Nothing can replace the power of prayer and corresponding faith!  Once you’ve prayed about it and believed God for the answer, go ahead and praise Him in advance!  And have yourself a good laugh while you’re at it.  Some expressions that we often see with today’s technology are LOL (laugh out loud), ROTFL (rolling on the floor laughing), LMBO (laughing my butt off) and some version of that which I don’t use.  I prefer LMHO (I say laughing my head or hips off)… and many others.  If we don’t laugh, we may well find ourselves crying.  I prefer laughter and I feel great after laughing with my friend.  Oh my!  She’s so funny.  We all need a friend that we can talk to but we all need a friend that we can laugh with also.  If you’re too stoical and can’t laugh, then I’m SMH 25X at you!  And that’s not very funny.

Take care, be blessed & laugh…  Please also visit…

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