SOS (Saved On Sundays)

So… who’s hindered or hurt if we’re simply “saved on Sundays?”  I guess, first, we are.  We miss what could have been a true and meaningful relationship with the living God.  But if we simply choose to prepare a Sunday face, a Sunday praise and a Sunday walk, we forego everything real.  I’m not suggesting that authentic Christianity is a piece of cake with so many temptations coming our way daily but when we remember our commitment to and love for Christ, that is what ultimately keeps us.  That love causes us to avoid even the appearance of evil, it keeps us from going places, and putting ourselves in positions that we will later regret.  My commitment to Christ is greater than my commitment to everyone else.  God first, family second, career and others third and so forth.  I tell my husband sometimes that he should be really grateful that I love God and am committed to Him (God)!  Because even when I’m not feeling a lot of love toward him (my husband), it’s my commitment to Christ that sustains me. That may sound strange to some but it’s only possible with the unconditional, agape, love of God.  If we operate in romantic love, brotherly love, or family love alone, it simply won’t sustain us when trials arrive.  Romantic love fails us.  Friends betray us.  Families sometimes treat us worse than most others.  It’s only our commitment to Christ and operating in His unconditional love that causes us to do the right thing.  Through the power of the Holy Spirit we able to be more than “saved on Sundays.”

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