Put Your Own Mask On First

My husband has a tendency to try to help everyone with whom he comes in contact.  This is arguably a good quality but if taken too far, you end up as poor (in many ways) as the one you’re attempting to help.  If you’re not as strong as you should be in the beginning, you’ll end up poorer emotionally, spiritually, financially, and physically.  After they wear you out and take you through, you’re no more good for what should have been your priority.  It takes a certain amount of energy and resources to simply ‘power’ yourself (and I don’t believe that I’m a selfish person).  When you add more heavy weight and freight to that, you’ll need 2-3 times the energy and resources. 

I told him that he needs to put his own mask on first.  He didn’t understand where I was going with this and told me that he doesn’t wear masks–that I was seeing the real him.  I further explained.  The airline hostess, in going through the emergency routine before each flight, tells us that in the event of a loss of cabin pressure, an oxygen mask will drop; pull the band and place the oxygen mask over our nose & mouth and breathe.  They further instruct that if you’re travelling with a small child or someone who needs help, put your own oxygen mask on first and then try to help the child, elderly or handicapped person. 

Well, my husband constantly runs into “projects” or people that he makes his own personal ‘project.’  No doubt, these people need help but many times they need much more help than he is able to provide.  Some might even be called “a piece of work.”  They need ‘fish;’ however, they don’t need the fish as much as they need to be taught ‘how to fish.’  After going several rounds (rounds being months) of attempting to help, he then looks more like the victim than they do.  Having had enough at this  point, I tell him ‘you need to put your own mask on first.’  You can’t help them until you’re together yourself.  He has the tagline on one of his many efforts that says, ’empowering many to make earnings.’  I tell him that he’s empowered everyone except for himself.  So… if you find yourself trying to please too many, trying to be all things to all people but not doing a very good job,  stop and take care of yourself.  Put your own mask on first.  Only THEN will you be able to help the next person.  (BTW… he approves of this blog)

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