Wait til the 4th Man Gets Here – My Big Brother!

“Just wait til my big brother gets here!  He’s gonna get you!”  As a child, I recall hearing this many times and I may have even said it myself a time or two.  Obviously a threat to those to which it is directed, it is meant to instill a sense of fear in the listener.  And the funny thing is that when big brother shows up, we have a new attitude.  All of a sudden, we’re big and bad too!  We’re no longer afraid—but are now suddenly standing tall and very courageous! 

I was at a gathering at a cultural center recently and we had a table to ourselves (three of us) while other tables were overcrowded with 8-10 or more guests.  One of the guests passed by and said, “Hey, how did you all get such a great table?  We’re all squeezed in over there.”  Well, one of the guests that I brought with me said, “It all depends on who you know and who you hang out with.”  I thought that was hilarious and we laughed after the person left.  After all, we were the only African-Americans there.  And he (the guest inquiring) was from the table where we also should have sat.  If we had followed the number patterns, we would have been at his table.  At that time (when we arrived), however, that table had no number, centerpiece or silverware (or cultural utensils for eating), so we sat at the unnumbered table at the opposite end.

My point is that it really does depend on who you know and who you hang out with.  I happen to know and hang out with Jesus.  So (to make a long story short if it’s not too late already) my thought many times after praying is ‘just wait til Jesus (the 4th man) gets here.’  Wait until He steps in… He’ll be right there on time!  I call him the 4th man in this instance because I recall the 3 Hebrew boys not bowing, not compromising, and not backing down to the King’s threats (Pastor David Paul recently spoke about the 4th man on the radio).  They knew the 4th man would step in on their behalf.  Although they were thrown (bound) into the fiery furnace and the heat was made 7 times hotter than normal, they refused to bow.  “Did not we cast three men bound into the midst of the fire?  …. Lo, I see four men loose, walking in the midst of the fire, and they have no hurt; and the form of the fourth is like the Son of God (Daniel 3:24-25).”

So… whatever you’re facing, don’t compromise, don’t bow, and don’t give up.  Just wait til the 4th man steps in—for He is well able to bring you out—and that without looking like you’ve even been in!  Glory!

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