Striving for Excellence

There is no harm in striving for excellence.  The only people who won’t appreciate it are your haters.  After all, why should we settle for mediocrity when we are to press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus (Phil. 3:14)?  Is it wrong to want to be all that you can be?  As long as your motives are right, go for it.  Too many of us settle for much less than we should.  We have no motivation to reach for the next level.  We can’t imagine ever  attending a class, learning anything new, or doing anything different from the way we’ve always done it.   Inventions, scientific breakthroughs, new designs, concepts and impactful solutions aren’t founded by those who lack motivation, ingenuity, and persistence.  So… whatever task or project you find yourself undertaking, always give it your very best effort.  In the ministry of music, for instance, if after 20 years we’re still singing the original version of “Yes, Jesus Loves Me,” most would say that we lack the internal drive to reach for excellence.  There should be some more complex melodies and harmonies at this stage, songs that require greater technical expertise than what we presented 20 years ago.  Move in excellence and settle for nothing less.  Move in discipline and put forth the effort to let the lesser things die (momentary pleasures) so that the greater may live (longer-range goals).

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