Caste and Class

Are we really serious with this caste and class thing?  Must it really be carried to its illogical end?  Rodney King said, “Can’t we all just get along!”  Must we really separate everything based on its ‘bus factor’ or perceived value to us?  This caste & class thing is running rampant like an untamed jaguar!  At work, at play, at church, at school–what’s really going on?  What is it really proving other than that we are a bunch of snobbish, untrained heathens–most likely reared by snobbish, untrained heathens–running around with our noses in the air thinking we’re better than the next while all the while disproving our own theories. 

Seriously, we can’t occupy the lunchroom at the same time?  We can’t ride the same shuttle because one is “VIP” (even though we’re both here for the same cause)?  Even in our churches, it has reared its ugly head (smh 50X).  What is this foolishness and how dare we turn our noses up at the next person!  Is our worth really tied to the size of our hat, our shade of brown, our nationality, our job/our career, our car, our house, our neighborhood, our clothing, our self-diagnosed or self-proclaimed/self-measured degree of spirituality, our gender, our birth order, our weight?  We just may be no earthly good!  Jesus sat and ate with sinners–but we can’t?  He helped the lowly, the disabled, the sick.  We can’t turn and help anyone?  If they’re on our “level,” they don’t need our help.  Turn around and grab someone and pull them to safety.  I understand that we must, as the airline hostess says, ‘put our own oxygen masks on first.’  But once we’ve done that, don’t forget about the person next to you (there are limitations and I’m not an advocate for continuous handouts).  The good news for anyone subjected to this type of humiliation is that God has a way of equalizing everything… “so the  last will be first, and the first last (Matt. 16:20).”  I see it happening on a daily basis now.  We’d better watch ourselves.  Or as “they” say, “you’d better check yourself before you wreck yourself!”  I’m just sayin’…

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