Left Your First Love?

“Nevertheless I have [somewhat] against thee, because thou hast left thy first love (Rev. 2:4).”  Most women remember the first time he held your hand, gave you a hug, took a stroll with you, opened the car door.  We remember the look in his eyes, the butterflies in our stomach, the big smile we had on the inside, our heart skipping a beat.  Sparks!  That was then… what about now? 

Most Christians remember when we first accepted Christ.  We felt excited, happy, grateful, tickled, and a range of other emotions.  We wanted to tell everybody.  We couldn’t wait to go to church; we listened attentively without concern about the time.  We sang joyfully as we clapped our hands.  We testified that we were just happy to be ‘saved.’  Sparks!  Xtreme Fire!  That was then… what about now?

Have we left our first love?  Are we no longer in awe of Creator God?  Is Christ’s sacrifice no longer a big deal?  Do we now take it for granted?  Is worship now optional?  Is the Word of God no longer exciting?  Is Bible study now only for babes in Christ?  Is prayer now insignificant or saved only for emergencies?  No time for communion with God?  If so, we’ve left our first love.  In any relationship, the things you did to get it going are the things you need to continue to do to keep it going.  Repent quickly and do the first works (Rev. 2:5).  He is a jealous God!  If we live with eternity in view, we’ll continue to cultivate a very intimate relationship with Christ!  “Ain’t found nothing better!  Can’t find nothing better!”

Take care and be blessed.  Please also visit… www.xtreme-fire.com

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