And Then There Were None!

Back to the subject of ethnic cleansing, historically this had been the killing or forcible expulsion of one ethnic group or religion BY ANOTHER.  However, it seems that we, people of color, have embarked upon a campaign and mission to complete this task ourselves.  Daily we are deluged with information, on the news and other sources, about how we are successfully destroying our own people group.  Seriously, hardly a day goes by that we’re not forced to reflect on yet another killing, another rape, another crime in our own neighborhood and by our own people.  Do we really hate ourselves this much?  I’m not advocating violence against any other groups, but is this seriously the only neighborhood and group that we know to rob, to rape, to kill?  Will we allow this to continue until no one is left?  And then there were none!  Community nonprofit groups are a first step–I’m involved in many community efforts.  But this is a spiritual battle!  We can put a band-aid and some peroxide on it but when the band-aid falls off and the wound is again exposed and the memories are refreshed,  we repeat the cycle.  Only when II Chronicles 7:14 takes place will there be any lasting change.  I’m just sayin’.

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