Worship? Worship Service? Sunday Morning Worship Service? Really?

Do we actually worship?  Really?  For real?  Do we even go with the intent to worship?  Or do we simply select our fanciest suit & hat with undeniable “bling” and scoot on down to the sanctuary to look pretty?  Are we actually involved in worship?  Or are we mere statues decorating the temple? 

Worship is not a spectator sport and there are no surrogates in worship.  I can’t lift my voice, extend my hands, leap, dance, or sing for you.  It’s an personal experience.  I mean really… why bother calling it a worship service if we’re not coming with the intent to worship—but simply coming to show our new dress or suit?  Let’s just call it the Sunday morning fashion show–and let’s have appetizers while we’re watching!  Let’s call it what it is!  Assuming that we have possession of our faculties both mentally and physically and that we know Christ as Savior at least (and preferably also as Lord), why then would we not worship?  More concerned about people perhaps?  Can’t sweat our hair or mess up our clothes?  Too sophisticated?  Embarrassed?

No time for intimacy with God… that would take too long?  Have to stay on schedule and get to the restaurant before the 2 o’clock crowd?  Seems like an awful waste of time to actually come out and do nothing, hear nothing, and change nothing.  But then maybe you have an awful lot of time to waste.  I don’t.  It’s my right and my responsibility to worship!  I’m just sayin’…

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