Economy of God

I don’t know when I’ve seen so many homes for sale. In just about every block, there are several “for sale” signs. The turn around in our economy is undoubtedly slower than originally anticipated and many are either losing or simply walking away from their homes.

There is no recession in the economy of God. He’s not out of money. The cattle on a thousand hills still belong to Him (Psalm 50:10). If we are true givers, we can expect that God will take care of us. But ask! It is His good pleasure to provide for His children. We have to raise our level of expectation. Of course, God may raise His too! But there’s nothing that’s too difficult for Him. When we delight to bless Him, then I believe He also delights to bless us. The song says, “you can’t beat God giving–no matter how you try!” So try!  And let me know how that works out…

Take care & be blessed… Please also visit…

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2 Responses to Economy of God

  1. jah says:

    I like your topics auntie. How do u come up with your topic? My fav so far are Economyof God and the one about resting.

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